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"people are in a positive mood, their visual cortex takes in more information" is an interesting idea, as a photographer, artist, and designer, I wonder if the opposite is also true? I spend a lot of time looking, really looking and actively trying to take in more information, does that make my brain happier?sOs that why so many people like making or looking at art? On a different note (and one more in keeping with your post), I'm not convinced that people are really that worried. At least not most people. I still see people spending money quite liberally. For instance, I have a group of friends who play video games and everyone of them recently bought a new game that cost $60, even though the game has had mixed reviews. I was shocked that they all bought it without thinking. They don't seem too bothered by the economy.
#1 James (Link) on 2009-10-04 09:54 (Reply)

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